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A funeral ceremony is a vital part of the grieving process. It allows family and friends to sensitively acknowledge their deep loss and sadness of a loved one at a very difficult time.

When a loved one dies, there are, inevitably, decisions to be taken about the funeral arrangements, perhaps most importantly, what kind of funeral do you actually want? Not everyone wishes to have the same kind of funeral, because not all families are the same. The choice may be influenced by religious and cultural beliefs and traditions, personal preferences, or by the express wishes of the deceased.
An ever increasing number of people are finding that their needs and personal preferences are best met by a Civil Funeral. As a Civil Funeral Celebrant, Bernadette will help you to create a ceremony that reflects the individual’s beliefs about life and death, and those of their family and friends. Most importantly to pay a fitting, dignified and meaningful tribute about the deceased’s own personal journey through life.
It may be that you wish to include religious elements of a particular faith; hymns, prayers and music, are all welcome, to make the service more personal. Alternatively, you may prefer to have no religious content at all, the choice is yours.

A Civil funeral is not driven by the beliefs and ideology of the person conducting the service. Bernadette encourages and welcomes family and friends to participate in the service, by giving their own tributes if they so wish. She will be happy to assist you in selecting music, poetry or readings, in order to say your own personal farewell in a way that has meaning and significance to you.

With the help and support of professional Civil Funeral Celebrant, Bernadette French, you can rest assured that you can say goodbye to your loved one in a way that you and they would have wanted. 
Thank you very much for the wonderful service you delivered in tribute to our Ray. Thank you also for the comfort you gave to my Mum, Kris and myself.Your kindness and consideration will never be forgotten.
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